New Book, New Gig, New Job

Hello Everyone,

Apologies for the lack of postings recently, unfortunately that may continue for a bit as I get used to a new job. I’m working as an installer for a well-known home security firm. Currently, I’m in training because they want me to end up doing it the right way instead of letting customers deal with “looks good enough” which I think is a pretty good idea. So that has taken some time.

Also there has been band practice. I’m playing bass in an eclectic band that so far covers mostly punk, but some psychedelic rock, as well as some straight-up 70’s rock. We’re not bad and we’ve been working pretty hard on the sets and we’ve landed our first gig for this Friday night at 8pm (if you happen to be in Florence, SC on the 10th the show is at F. E. Pops, so come on out to Five Points and see us), so as you can imagine I’ve been practicing like there is no tomorrow. This has nothing to due with being nervous as the least musically accomplished member of the band, well maybe a little—but it should be fun. And it’s a dream I’ve had for a while now, so there’s that off the bucket list.

School is going well and I am on course to achieve my second master’s degree, this one in creative writing early next year. I am hoping improvements will show in my writings. There are three additional books in the works: a sci-fi novel disguised as a high fantasy epic, a collection of shorts based on the idea of karma as an active agency in the world, and a memoir detailing my survival of three strokes and the road to recover, as well as additional ideas that keep popping up like a short horror fantasy about a guy dealing with Lovecraftian entities who loses his hereditary amulet due to a slack roommate—cause what would-be universal savior can afford an apartment by themselves these days. In short, a lot of stuff going on is preventing me from updating you, my loyal readers and for that, I apologize.

On to the meat of the matter, I have finally completed Volume One of my Halloween poetry collection. This first one is titled Haunted Verses Haunting, because I thought it was an interesting play on words. This is all of my Halloween or Autumn oriented poetry to date collected in one place. By which I mean, if you have purchased the previous three books, you’ve read all these poems so don’t feel obligated to buy the collection. Should you feel the need to have them all in one place though, go here: and for the price of $15 USD you can own a copy. The cover looks like this:

There are, of course, words inserted on top of the picture, but I thought the picture itself was kind of haunting and so ditched the original idea of my face in a mirror, bottom lit with a candle or red flashlight—maybe next time.

If you’re wondering what’s inside, here’s a taste:

Voodoo Dolly


It doesn’t look much like you
But then it doesn’t have to
I took a piece of your hair
And sewed it up in there
Now the linkage is true
From voodoo doll to you
Drop, stab, poke, or burn
We’ll see when it’s your turn
But for now, you go on the shelf
With all the other dollies that I made myself.

I hope you enjoy them, get a little chill and a small chuckle, but mostly a smile or two. Because Halloween is coming, and I want us all to be ready.

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