A New Collections is Out Now

Hello friends and readers.

I’ve finally gotten my poetry retrospective for 2020 out, and it only took 6 months! I have to admit, I was somewhat unpleasantly surprised at exactly how much time a job search could take up on a weekly basis. It is not a valid scientific experiment because I could not control the other variables such as Open Mic closures due to the pandemic, general malaise, and constant worry over whether it was okay to include previously published poems that happened to be written in 2020 but I believe that looking for work added approximately an extra 10 – 20 hours above and beyond the normal 40 that I would have been working. I am certain the lack of poetic output was directly influenced by the lack of crowd feedback at the Open Mic nights.

These factors contributed to the delay in publication as well as the relative paucity of poems available for the year. Compared to A Year of Thursday Nights, the new book, Hindsight: Poetry in 2020 is about half of the length. The poems are good, I feel and hope you’ll agree. Some have appeared here, some on my Facebook page Open Your Mic, and still others in Book of the Unnamed Future although most are new. The book ranges from everyday observations through political commentary and ends with poems from my creative writing master’s course. There are two instances of the same poem in different forms from this latter period. I thought getting a look at poetic indecision and editing processes might be nice. At any rate, the cover uses this picture:

Which I felt was appropriate for the year we’ve left behind. You can find it on Amazon here https://www.amazon.com/Hindsight-Poetry-2020-Jeremy-Miles/dp/B095TCT3HC/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1622963365&sr=8-3

I included the cover photo because I apparently joined a club of fellow authors that all thought we were being really clever in calling our books Hindsight/2020. This is so you can be sure you’re buying the book you intend to purchase. In hindsight, maybe we weren’t all that clever after all.

A final note: if you purchase the book and happen to be in Florence, SC get in touch with me and I will happily sign it for you.

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